Workplaces slightly safer here this year

September 5, 20133:54 pm312 views
Workplaces slightly safer here this year
Workplaces slightly safer here this year

SINGAPORE — The total number of reported workplace injuries decreased by 2.4 per cent in the first half of this year from the same period a year ago, although the number of workplace fatalities only dipped from 26 to 25.

The latest Workplace Safety and Health Statistics Report released today (Sept 5) also showed that minor injuries also fell, from 5,160 cases last year to 5,029, while the number of occupational disease cases fell by nearly half to 372 cases from 634 cases.

The number of major workplace injuries, meanwhile, rose slightly from 255 to 257.

The construction sector remained the top contributor of workplace fatal injuries. The marine (from three cases to one) and manufacturing (from five cases to one) sectors saw lower numbers of workplace fatal injuries.

Together, the three traditional high risk sectors accounted for 52 per cent of all fatal injuries reported.

The most common incident types that led to workplace fatal injuries were falls, being struck by moving objects, collapse/failure of structure and equipment, and electrocution. These accounted for 80 per cent of all fatal injuries.



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