Workforce Singapore and NTUC to Offer Assistance to Drivers Affected by Grab-Uber Merger

April 11, 20189:10 am520 views

Regarding recent Grab-Uber merger in Southeast Asia, the Minister of Education (Schools) Ng Chee Meng said that Workforce Singapore and NTUC will provide aid and assistance to help drivers and employees affected by the acquisition. As reported, ride-hailing operator announced last month that it had acquired Uber’s ride-sharing business in the Southeast Asia. The merger had made it the largest of such service in the region, including Singapore.

In a Facebook post on Monday (Apr 9), Mr Ng who is also the Second Minister of Transport and Land Transport Authority the expressed his concern that the Private Hire Car (PHC) Industry in the country has been going through a difficult time.

He said, “I met a number of PHC drivers and taxi drivers following the announcement of Grab’s merger with Uber’s Southeast Asia operations. Many of the drivers are understandably concerned, as the merger affects their jobs and livelihoods.”

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In order to investigate whether the merger has infringed business competition laws or not, the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) has issued proposed Interim Measures Directions (IMD) to ensure that there remains contestability in the PHC space.

The ministry is also working on reviewing the regulatory framework to give official license to the PHC Booking Service Operators (BSO) as well as ensuring that the point-to-point transport sector remains open to all companies and not dominated by one single market player. More details on the review will be revealed when ready, said Mr Ng.

Further, he added that, “The Workforce Singapore and NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute have been working closely with the PHC BSOs and the National Private Hire Vehicle Association to offer employment assistance to affected drivers and employees.”

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