Majority Workers in India Worried about Going Back to Office Without COVID-19 Vaccine

December 1, 20204:24 pm1588 views
Majority Workers in India Worried about Going Back to Office Without COVID-19 Vaccine
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Lockdown is being lifted for most regions and offices are reopening. But how do employees feel about coming back to the cubicles amidst ongoing outbreak?

In India, 4 in 5 workers (83 percent) are worried about going back to the office when restrictions are still in effect. They are concerned with their health safety while the COVID-19 vaccine is not ready, according to a report by software firm Atlassian titled ‘Reworking Work: Understanding The Rise of Work Anywhere’.

Further, the report found that majority of Indian workforce would prefer to work completely from home. One of the contributing factors to this could be improved job satisfaction, as stated by 70 percent of the people in the study. Interestingly, many employees said that they were annoyed that it took a pandemic for their employers to allow them to work from home.

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They added that remote work also has its own benefits, such as bringing the members of their team closer to each other and improving teamwork compared to pre-COVID.

Positive findings are also found in managerial roles. Half of managers surveyed said their job security was much better now than before the pandemic, which has triggered a shift in managerial roles making them more integral to workflows and productivity than ever.

However, from a work-life balance point of view, 81 percent of Indians said it becomes more challenging to separate the blurring lines between work and personal lives.

The report also noted that employees are rapidly adopting digital tool kits and skills to stay connected and not being left out. “The introduction of social distancing and remote working has pushed people into a digital realm,” it said.

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