Which Asian Country at the Bottom of ‘Happy’ Countries?

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Universum Global recently released Global Workforce Happiness Index 2016. The report claimed as the biggest-ever study of the countries and industries with the most satisfied, loyal workers. Interestingly, there is a country in the Asia region at the bottom three (3) of ‘Happy’ countries all over the world.

The Global Workforce Happiness Index measures workers’ happiness in their job and career. Its scoring system combines a worker’s job satisfaction, job loyalty, and willingness to recommend their current employer.

In the global competition era, it is quite common for employees leaving their employer and moving to a competitor. Universum Global also found that two (2) in three (3) employees say they could find a better job in 60 days. No wonder, 58% of Millennials plan to leave their jobs in three years or even less.

This is why it’s important to measure workforce happiness . Are you sure your employees are satisfied enough with the workplace? If not, there are many competitors are hunting the best employees.

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How to measure workforce happiness?

Based on Universum’s study, there is an index to compare how your employees measure compared to your local market named The Global Workforce Happiness Quadrant.

Here are four (4) of them:

  1. Fulfilled: Satisfied, feel positive about your company as a place of work, and are not interested in changing jobs. Never assume fulfilled employees will stay this way.
  2. Restless: Satisfied at work and even likely to recommend a company as a place of employment, but are open to changing jobs. Require immediate attention.
  3. Stranded: Dissatisfied with current jobs, but unmotivated or unwilling to make a change.
  4. Seeker: Dissatisfied at work and looking for a change. May have one foot out the door, and are unlikely to recommend your company as their network grows.

Top and bottom of ‘happy’ countries

Here are top three (3) ‘happy’ countries which scored the best in the Global Workforce Happiness Index: Belgium, Norway, and Costa Rica.

And here are bottom three (3) ‘happy’ countries which scored the best in the Global Workforce Happiness Index: Morocco, Nigeria, and Japan.

There is only one Asian country on the list. Unfortunately, Japan is at the bottom of ‘happy’ countries.

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