Value contributions made by mature workers, says WP

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Value contributions made by mature workers, says WP
Value contributions made by mature workers, says WP

SINGAPORE — The Workers’ Party (WP) yesterday called on employers to value the contributions made by mature workers and reiterated its stand that companies should give priority to hiring Singaporeans.

In its May Day message, the WP said Singapore’s progress has been built on the backs of our workers and the nation owes them a debt of gratitude.

“Even as we celebrate the progress made by many of our workers, one group of workers who are of particular concern to us are our mature workers,” the WP said in the message that was signed off by its media team chairman and Non-Constituency Member of Parliament, Mr Gerald Giam.

It noted that last year, close to two-thirds of resident workers made redundant last year were aged 40 and above and fewer than half of the workers in this age group re-entered the workforce within six months of losing their jobs.

“Many have lamented about being replaced by younger workers, including foreigners earning lower salaries,” the WP said.

It added: “Employers have reported that mature workers bring greater experience, higher levels of loyalty and commitment and a stronger work ethic to the organisations they work for. We urge all employers to appreciate these positive attributes in mature workers, especially when considering them for employment and re-employment.”

A Fair Consideration Framework, where employers are required to give a fair chance to Singaporeans before hiring skilled professional foreigners, will be introduced later this year.

The party said the framework “must work for the benefit of Singaporeans, including mature Singaporean workers”. It added that it had previously stated that employers should give priority to hiring Singaporeans and foreign workers should be hired only in positions that Singaporeans are unable to fill.

Separately, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) criticised the “system that makes life harder” for workers here, in a message to commemorate the occasion.

Citing the stressful environment and the long hours that Singaporeans clock at work as examples, SDP chief Chee Soon Juan said: “On top of this, the Government will continue to bring in 20,000 foreign nationals every year that will add even more pressure on our workers struggling in an already over-crowded city.”

In its May Day message, non-profit organisation the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) urged the Government, the labour movement and all employers to improve the lives of migrant workers here.

HOME executive director Jolovan Wham said: “Among the issues that require urgent attention is the inclusion of domestic workers in the Employment Act, bilateral agreements with countries of origin, a more just recruitment and employment system for migrant workers, and the inclusion of migrants in social security and reintegration programmes.”



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