TUCP conditionally supports 4-day work week scheme

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TUCP conditionally supports 4-day work week scheme
TUCP conditionally supports 4-day work week scheme
MANILA, Philippines – Labor group Trade Union Congress of the Philippines-Nagkaisa (TUCP-Nagkaisa) on Monday expressed support to the plan of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) allowing government agencies to implement a four-day work week scheme.
The group, however, pointed out that there would be no diminution of salary and reduction of benefits and public sector workers’ are consulted first they should ever adopt it.
“There are pros and cons to the compressed work week scheme aimed at saving electricity, reducing traffic congestion and minimizing stress of workers. So consultations and social dialogue with public sector worker (are an) important factor before implementing the scheme to know the sentiments of the workers,” TUCP-Nagkaisa spokesperson Alan Tanjusay said.
“The four-day work week should not affect salary and benefits of workers. This is non-negotiable of course,” Tanjusay added.
He noted that health of workers working for 10 hours a day is one of the adverse effects of the scheme to government employees, compromising the quality of service.
Tanjusay said the new work scheme may also affect both their health and their productivity due to stress caused by going home late at night and waking up early.
On the other hand, the scheme may motivate workers to be more productive because of an extra quality day with family, friends or an activity away from work.
The scheme may also cut commuting expenses and allows people to do errands they are unable to do during regular work days, Tanjusay said.
He said the scheme can reduce energy consumption and help ease traffic congestion by minimizing the volume of working people.
news source & image credit: philstar.com
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