Toyota to hire 1,350 new grads, midcareer workers in ’14

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Toyota to hire 1,350 new grads, midcareer workers in ’14
Toyota to hire 1,350 new grads, midcareer workers in ’14

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to hire 1,350 new graduates and midcareer workers in its annual recruitment plan for fiscal 2014, maintaining the same level as this year, which ends March 31, company officials said.

The automaker plans to employ 90 people for career-track office positions, up from 89, the officials said Tuesday. It projects hiring 530 people as engineers, 30 for noncareer office jobs, both unchanged, and 510 high school graduates chiefly as assembly line workers, down from 513.

In addition, Toyota Technical Skills Academy, an affiliate industrial school, will accept 70 students for the high school division and 120 students for the career college division for high school graduates.

They can be counted as employees because they will receive monthly allowances and bonuses.

The move comes amid an improving economy, buoyed by the cheap yen that is helping exports.

In Europe, Toyota expects to sell 865,000 vehicles this year and increase its market share to 4.8 percent as the car market there enters what is expected to be a slow recovery from six years of contraction, Toyota said Monday at the Geneva Auto Show.

Didier Leroy, head of Toyota Europe, told reporters that hybrid cars have been attracting new customers with the addition of the smaller Yaris hybrid and sportier Auris, beyond the original Prius models.



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