Toyota to expand work-at-home program to help staff balance domestic demands

June 10, 201610:14 am379 views

In a bid to support employees with children and those taking care of elderly family members, Toyota Motor Corp. is planning to expand its work-at-home program from August, company sources said Thursday.

Under an existing program, telecommuting is allowed only for employees who are raising children under the age of one. But the automaker is set to expand the practice so that hundreds of its employees, mainly those raising children or looking after elderly parents, can work from home on a steady basis.

Employees who take part in the program are required to work at least two hours a week at the office and need to obtain permission from their bosses.

Company workers in clerical or engineering positions who are considered career-track employees and who have certain credentials based on length of service are eligible for the program.

Plants workers and engineers in charge of vehicle development, among others, are excluded.

Of Toyota’s 72,000 employees, excluding those in subsidiaries and affiliates, around 13,000 will be eligible for the program.

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