Tourism, hospitality industry top in employee engagement: Survey

February 4, 201510:23 am119 views
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SINGAPORE: Employees from the tourism and hospitality industry were the most engaged in Singapore, according to an employee engagement survey.

The survey, conducted by EON Consulting & Training, found that the tourism and hospitality industry had the highest engagement score of 84.29 per cent, followed by the healthcare industry (82.99 per cent) and engineering industry (79.92 per cent).

The report attributed the engagement to the sector having a cohesive organisational culture and achieving work life harmony.

“Being in a labour intensive and people-oriented industry, tourism and hospitality companies are constantly searching for employees and trying to retain them,” said Ms Ong Jie Xin, consultant of EON Consulting & Training. “It is therefore important for these businesses to continue to strive towards building a distinct company culture with a close-knitted work community in order to maximise engagement with their employees.”

Support from supervisors was also an important factor in engaging employees. Ms Ong added: “(Employees in the tourism and hospitality sector) value supervisors who are able to organise work efficiently, value them and support them in their work. Therefore, businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry should continuously train and equip their supervisors with the right skills, knowledge and autonomy to be able to support their employees promptly whenever needed.”

The report also said that employees in the healthcare industry desired strong support from their supervisors through coaching or additional resources, while employees in the engineering industry are most engaged by the characteristics of their job roles.

The poll surveyed 146 employees in Singapore, over a five-month period from August 2014 to December 2014. Respondents gave score ratings to questions that corresponded to various dimensions of employee engagement.


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