Temporary roles become the norm as firms struggle with budget constraints

April 12, 20164:35 pm275 views

But it’s not that easy to secure a job.

Singaporeans are becoming increasingly adapted to temporary roles as the global economic downturn hits the HR offices of companies.

According to a report by Hays, candidates are now taking an open attitude towards temporary roles as they feel the chill of the economic slowdown.

However, Hays adds that it still won’t be easy to secure such a role as competition is continually escalating.

“Singapore is expected to see a rising number of senior candidates come onto the market as employers, owing to budget concerns, capitalise on the abundant pool of less experienced talent to take on a more senior remit,” the report said.

“Overall, hiring activity will be positive, particularly in areas such as compliance, engineering, technology and insurance,” said Lynne Roeder, managing director for Hays in Singapore.

news source: sg.finance.yahoo.com / SBR

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