Telstra axes 400 call centre jobs nationally, some jobs to be sent offshore

November 2, 201510:26 am381 views

More than 400 jobs are set to go as Telstra axes workers at call centres around the country, with some of the jobs to be sent offshore to the Philippines.

The telco said about 276 contractor jobs and a net loss of 135 full-time jobs would be cut under the plan.

Telstra spokesman Michael Zappone said the jobs on the line were at centres in Hobart, Launceston, Perth, Ballarat and Townsville.

Townsville is likely to be hit the hardest with 178 contractors to lose their jobs.

Telstra said it would re-employ about 50 people in north Queensland directly.

Perth is set to lose more than 100 jobs under the proposal, with 80 employees and 25 contractors to be affected if the changes go ahead.

Telstra area general manager Guy Champion said the decision was difficult and not one that Telstra proposed lightly.

“We remain committed to the City of Perth and to the state of Western Australia,” he said.

“Our teams in Perth would continue to perform a wide variety of work, including customer service, network design and deployment and field services.”

Mr Champion said while it may not be viable for all Perth employees, they would be able to put forward an expression of interest to relocate to Townsville.

“Our focus is on working with our people to help them understand the proposed changes and what it would mean for [employees], and what their options are should we proceed,” he said.

“The proposed changes would make better use of our 24/7 hours of operation in Townsville.”

Mr Champion said the proposal was also designed to consolidate similar functions so that all work was completed by one team, which would provide a better experience for Telstra customers.


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