Survey: People Prefer Government Jobs for Employment and Financial Security

July 15, 20205:34 pm1537 views
Survey: People Prefer Government Jobs for Employment and Financial Security
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In times of crisis like today, the economic slowdown might make people to rethink their career and priorities. Rising unemployment numbers due to mass layoffs is happening around the globe, leaving people with a question whether a job that is recession-proof exists or not.

Among many career options out there, government jobs are often seen as the most comfortable one in terms of both employment and financial security. A recent survey conducted by Adda247 showing this sentiment. A majority of people in India prefer government jobs amid uncertainties due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19. They show commitment on this by preparing for competitive government examinations or keen on applying for government jobs.

“The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the job scenario in the country with regular reports of layoffs, furlough, pay cuts and other uncertainties.

“This has led to an increase in the demand for government jobs with 82.3 percent respondents looking to apply for government jobs,” according to a study by Adda247 — a test preparation platform for competitive Government tests, JEE, NEET and Defense examination.

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The rise in applications are mainly contributed to the higher job security, followed by salary and other perks, the study said.

The study revealed that the highest demand for government jobs was witnessed in Delhi at 11 percent, followed by Patna (Bihar) with 11 percent, indicating that technological empowerment and social awareness are growing in non-metro cities, The Economic Times reports.

The study also found that 64.7 percent people stood preference for both national as well as state level examinations. About 28 per cent of the people surveyed opted for national level government exams, while 6.45 percent settled for state level tests.

“The lockdown proved to be a dire period for the working class as countless workers and professionals witnessed pay-cuts or even worse, job-slashes. There were others who lived in the imminent fear of the post-lockdown job termination.

“With naturally the private corporate sector unfolding as a source of mental duress for a sizable portion of people, the turn of events saw an inevitable shift in the tendency of the working-class consciousness,” Adda247 CEO and Co Founder Anil Nagar said.

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