Some Workers Recovered from COVID-19 Exempted from Routine Testing

November 10, 20203:56 pm823 views
Some Workers Recovered from COVID-19 Exempted from Routine Testing
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Latest scientific evidence has shown that the vast majority of recovered workers continue to have antibodies, including neutralising antibodies, 180 days after the onset of illness. That’s become the reason why in Singapore, workers who have recovered from Covid-19 have been exempted from rostered routine testing.

In a statement, the Health and Manpower ministries said that the decision was made in consultation with infectious diseases specialists. This suggests that recovered workers are at low risk of developing re-infection, said the two ministries.

However, workers who show symptoms suggestive of acute respiratory illness 90 days after contracting Covid-19 will continue to be tested for the coronavirus. This move will allow the authorities to detect any potential re-infections and enable swift and decisive measures to prevent further spread of the virus, the Straits Times reports.

Compulsory rostered routine testing was first announced on Aug 11 by the authorities. It applies to all workers staying in dormitories, as well as those in the construction, marine and process sectors. The ministries said they would review scientific evidence before deciding when to put recovered workers back on the rostered routine testing regime.

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Recovered workers who are identified as close contacts of new Covid-19 patients, but are within 180 days from their date of infection, will also not need to be quarantined. This is an increase of 30 days over the previous 150-day threshold set by the authorities.

The ministries also announced that workers who contracted Covid-19 before April 16 and have recovered will undergo monitoring tests as the earliest cohort of workers in Singapore to have recovered from the virus.

If there is evidence of re-infection among these recovered workers, or if they show signs that their antibodies are fading, the authorities will consider resuming rostered routine testing of recovered workers earlier.

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