SkillUp 2015 to train youths for non-traditional careers

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SkillUp 2015 to train youths for non-traditional careers
SkillUp 2015 to train youths for non-traditional careers

“*SCAPEpersonaldiscovery x QZI, Temploy Presents SkillUp 2015” will be held on 9th and 10th of May this year, it is a convention-style event directed at youth aged 26 years and below to review career options beyond the traditional paths.

SkillUp 2015 aims to present part-time labour, non-linear working hours and entrepreneurism as legitimate options in employment, as well as establishing such means as a valuable precursor or alternative to full-time employment in the South East Asian labour market. The event will redefine the notion that most youth have regarding career development and selection via a series of talks and workshops featuring noted names in local SMEs and start-ups across various industries.

The organizers are using every means possible to rally the masses to help make this event happen. As a last 8 finalist in ChannelNewsAsia’s Start-up season 2, a documentary reality show about start-ups, co-organizers, Temploy has dedicated it’s final crowdfunding challenge to raising funds for SkillUp 2015.
“With our current national platform, we want more youths to follow their passion by empowering themselves with adequate skillsets, ” says Mark Koh, Skillup 2015 coorganiser and CEO of Temploy. “Through crowdfunding Skillup, we will get the upcoming workforce to help themselves be adaptable to the ever changing needs of the future workplace ”
Participants can expect insights and opinions in today’s labour force from these invited employers and industry experts, with topics ranging from “What skill sets do we look for when we hire” and other taboo subjects such “How to embrace failure”. And to make the talks more relevant and inspiring to the youth, the panellists will also be covering on what is required to succeed in their respective fields.
Apart from the learning opportunities above, the event consists of a panel discussion on career development for those interested in mapping their career pathways and progression, as well as offering participants valuable networking exposure to available career opportunities.
“We believe in helping young people grow beyond their academic focus, “says Arvin Tang, Chief Dream Pilot of Quartz Initative (QZI). “We believe that regardless of your qualifications, talents and abilities, every person is in the position to make a substantial and sustainable difference to their society, and this event is one way to do so.”
SkillUp 2015 will be held at *SCAPE, the centrally located youth hub in Singapore. The collaboration is made possible with SCAPEpersonaldiscovery, a suite of learning events tailored for the thoughts, words and deeds of the modern young Singaporean that focuses on five themed learning goals in Career, Compassion, Community, Confidence and Choice.
“We see relevance in partnering SkillUp 2015 as we recognise it as a platform that offers our youth access to a wide spectrum of views in managing their careers; and that there is no one road but multiple pathways to achieving success”, says Christopher Pragasam, Executive Director of *SCAPE Co. Ltd.
In summary, SkillUp 2015 is a strong youth development event that aims to educate and empower all its participants in their career choices. To aid this effort, the event is offered free-of-charge to all youths to register.

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