Skillsoft Unveils Winter 2016 Talent Expansion® Suite Release

October 30, 201510:42 am358 views

Skillsoft, a global leader in learning and talent management, recently unveiled its ground-breaking Winter 2016 Talent Expansion® suite release.

The innovative new features across the talent, learning and workforce applications enable employees to define a personalized development path for career mobility and equip leaders with the insight they need to build highly-engaging workplace cultures to drive business performance.

“We’re redefining how organizations pursue success and overcome challenges by radically simplifying the expansion of organizational capabilities through continuous development of employees, knowledge acceleration and meaningful insight,” said John Ambrose, senior vice president of strategy and general manager of SumTotal, a Skillsoft company.

“With tools that enable the self-developing organization, the holistic needs of every employee – from individuals to leaders – are met with simple, intelligent talent management processes.”

“This game-changing approach translates to measurable results – people are engaged through pervasive and contextual development opportunities, knowledge is accelerated and accessible, and workforce capabilities expand to boost productivity and capacity,” said Humair Ghauri, senior vice president of products and technology at SumTotal.

This suite aims to empower customers to practice career transparency and create mobility among their workforce, align skills to organizational goals and keep expertise within the organization.

Skillsoft’s Winter 2016 Talent Expansion® release makes it easier than ever for organizations to overcome challenges with engagement, retention, and agility through solutions that empower individuals with access to continuous development opportunities and visibility to pursue career mobility.

Key features include:

Dynamic People Profile and Timeline

The adaptive timeline gives people real-time insight into their development and goal priorities, learning needs and recommendations, recognition and social interaction – all from one visual and interactive snapshot.

A comprehensive People Profile, with an easily-configured dashboard that tailors the experience to a user’s individual needs and interests, puts key information and recommendations at employees’ fingertips, including a holistic view of their Learning Plan, Goals and Performance progress.

From this central place, people can drill into key measures or their Timeline to modify, add, or seamlessly launch and interact with recommended learning and content, then come back to the dynamic view and instantly see the impact of their development efforts.

Career Progression

While many solutions provide simple skills comparisons, Winter 2016 Talent Expansion® empowers individuals and managers to have meaningful development discussions as they explore and chart an individualized path for career mobility within the organization.

Employees are able to explore career paths according to their interests and examine how their own skills and competencies match against the requirements of potential roles they wish to pursue.

With one-click registration, employees can launch the high-impact learning activities and content that will have the most impact towards closing the identified skill and competency gaps to prepare them for mobility throughout the organization.

Personalization Capabilities

This suite will allow administrators to dynamically create corporate themes with a few simple clicks, pulling in information from any website to deliver a branding experience that is more than a simple logo on a page.

These personalization capabilities also make it easy for users to create dashboards and landing pages that tailor the delivery of actions, information and relevant content to the specific needs and interests of users.

Contextual Learning Delivered in Workforce Management

Winter 2016 Talent Expansion® delivers people learning and content at the point-of-need throughout critical workforce management processes.

Managers can easily understand and optimize their workforce capabilities by validating training and certification needs when scheduling employees and connecting individuals to the relevant, directly-embedded Skillsoft content, through absence request processes.


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