SkillsFuture Turns to Retirees for Vast Knowledge and Expertise to Support their Mentors Programme

January 12, 20175:29 pm675 views

Retirees in Singapore who possess vast and expertise knowledge in sectors could help promote and support creation of online course content in subjects that train the youth aged 25 to 29 under the SkillsFuture credit scheme.

In a bid by the Government of Singapore to promote lifelong learning, each Singaporean aged 25 and above is given S$500 in credit to use on SkillsFuture’s approved courses. However, it’s seen that those below 30s use the highest amount of their SkillsFuture Credit, averaging nearly S$400 per person mostly for courses in ICT sector.

Massive Open Online Courses has proven popular among those under age 40. What is the breakdown between the classroom-led and online courses for the 25-to-29 age group? While traditional classroom-led training is expensive, it lacks post-training support. The online training courses on the other hand, are cost-effective and helpful in long term learning. With Internet boom and rise in the sharing economy, online learning is the most effective way to promote lifelong learning experience.

SkillsFuture intend to seek help from retirees towards development of the online course content structure, knowledge and taps into their industry insights, to complement the SkillsFuture Mentors programme, while making the golden years of retirees fulfilling in the region.


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