Skills upgrading key to ‘better workers, better jobs’

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Skills upgrading key to ‘better workers, better jobs’
Skills upgrading key to ‘better workers, better jobs’

SINGAPORE — The Republic must continue with its restructuring efforts to achieve its vision of having “better workers, better jobs”, said Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin in his May Day message released yesterday.

Mr Tan also stressed the importance of tripartism, calling it a competitive advantage for Singapore as the economy restructures.

“As we look forward to meeting the challenges of the future, it is important that the Government, employers and unions continue to work closely together towards our common objective,” he said. The Government is also committed to helping workers adapt to the new economic environment, he added.

Skills upgrading is key to these efforts, Mr Tan said, noting that a review of the Continuing Education and Training (CET) system was under way.

“We are embarking on a major review of the CET system to support workers in upgrading their skills and lifelong learning, so that they can seize the new job opportunities that restructuring will bring. The Workfare Training Support Scheme will continue to support low-wage workers and older workers to enhance their employability,” he said.

“For the growing pool of professionals, managers and executives, we will continue to enhance funding support to help deepen their skills, competencies and career prospects,” Mr Tan added.

The Government will continue to help companies transform their business models, so that they can create better opportunities for workers, he said.

Mr Tan also urged businesses to innovate and strive for productivity improvements, which would raise the wages of workers here.

Echoing the call, Singapore National Employers Federation President Stephen Lee said employers must invest in training their workers so they can take on larger job roles.

Mr Lee also encouraged employers to work with their unions on implementing the Progressive Wage Model to create jobs in which workers can work smarter to raise the productivity of their companies.



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