Singtel subsidiary Optus announces job cuts amid restructuring

April 4, 20163:33 pm358 views

As part of a transformation strategy, Australian telecom operator Optus on Monday (Apr 4) announced plans to revamp its consumer and enterprise divisions, and to make an unspecified number of jobs cuts.

Optus, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore telco Singtel, said in its statement that these changes will be crucial for the company’s “transformation strategy” beyond a traditional telecommunications company and will help to “reshape operations for sustainable growth”.

Alongside these changes, the company will have to “reshape its workforce with the skills required in an increasingly digital world and to invest in the capabilities required to bring ideas to market more quickly”.

As a result, Optus will be making a number of roles redundant, the statement said without specifying a number. However, according to The Australian, the number of jobs to go will likely add up to 500.

The telco said the changes will see the creation of a structure that will enable the operation of “a highly integrated, innovative and content-driven multi-media brand”. It will also streamline the company’s customer service functions by simplifying systems and processes, and evolve work processes to enable faster innovation.

“These changes will see the creation of a new customer service model which involves simplifying Optus’ billing and customer care systems, reducing customer handoffs, and ensuring customers get a more consistent experience, no matter how they choose to engage with us, or how many accounts they have with Optus,” the statement said.

“The changes will also see Optus Business, and the Wholesale and Satellite divisions rationalise roles and optimise resources in response to the increasingly competitive trading environment.”

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