Singaporeans Warned Not to be Misled by SkillsFuture Bogus Claims

February 13, 201810:43 am1179 views

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) called on the public to be more cautious and not easily misled by scammers who have been knocking from door to door and asking them to sign up courses using their SkillsFuture Credit.

In a notice though a Facebook post on Friday (Feb 9), SSG said it is aware of scammer’s activity who claim the credit will expire soon. To lure the victims, the scammers tell residents that they will not be eligible for subsequent top-ups if they do not use the credit. However, as Straits Times reports, the agency said that such claims are bogus.

The agency clarified that there is no expiry date for the SkillsFuture Credit, and it can be used for any course in the training exchange in their official website All training providers are also required to comply with strict marketing guidelines to attract participants. For example, they are not allowed to use gimmicks, such as lucky draws and freebies to promote their programmes, or even use misleading marketing techniques.

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“SSG takes this very seriously and will not hesitate to act against those who contravene our guidelines and terms on the use of SkillsFuture Credit,” the post said.

A series of scam issues involving false claims has hit the SkillsFuture initiative. Last December, it was reported that SSG was cheated of nearly $40 million, making it the biggest case of a government agency being deceived in the country.

These cases have urged the agency to warn Singaporeans about any scams activity. Those who have feedback and information on suspicious SkillsFuture-related practices can contact SSG on 6785-5785 or at

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