Singapore stepping up efforts to nurture ‘glocal’ talent: Lim Swee Say

May 30, 201610:27 am488 views

SINGAPORE: Working together with global businesses to facilitate their growth and strengthen the Singaporean workforce is a key focus for the Government, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say said on Friday (May 27).

Speaking at the opening of Standard Chartered Bank’s second building at Changi Business Park, Mr Lim said the Government is also stepping up efforts to encourage firms to nurture locals into global talents.

“As we transform our economy sector by sector, our most valuable asset is our people, our human capital,” he said. “One of our priorities is to nurture more of our local talents into global talents or ‘glocal’ talent in short … not just in the banking industry, but across all major sectors of our economy.”

Standard Chartered, which was previously operating from eight different locations, aims to consolidate its offices to two main locations – Marina Bay Financial Centre and Changi Business Park.

Key functions that will be based in the S$45 million building at Changi Business Park include group internal audit, retail banking and human resources.

Standard Chartered has 7,000 employees in Singapore.

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