Singapore – NAC to conduct first-ever arts and culture employment study

May 6, 201312:00 pm1483 views

SINGAPORE: For the first time, the National Arts Council (NAC) will be conducting an Arts and Culture Employment Study (ACES) to gather data on practitioners and organisations working across the arts and cultural sector.

The NAC is inviting those working in the arts and cultural sector to participate in ACES — an online survey that aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of the various levels of work within the arts and cultural sector.

Beyond economic factors, ACES is also designed to capture insights into the passions, motivations and challenges that define this unique sector.

In the immediate term, ACES’ findings will provide insights that help employers in manpower budgeting and planning; as well as individuals who are planning their career in the arts, or who are already engaged with the arts.

NAC said that eventually, the information will also allow the council to identify the sector’s needs, and address related issues and gaps when crafting programmes and policies.

With the changing arts landscape that continues to evolve and diversify, initiatives such as ACES will foster closer collaboration between NAC and the sector, so as to co-create positive change.

For those who work across the arts and cultural sector, the online surveys are now open for participation till July 30, 2013. The findings will be analysed through to November, and a full report detailing the study will be published by the first quarter of 2014.

NAC will be working directly with various organisations to obtain their feedback. Individuals can also visit to participate in the study.


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