Singapore – MOM Invites Public’s Views for Second Phase of Employment Legislation Reviews

July 22, 201312:57 pm1014 views

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is embarking on the second phase of reviews of the Employment Act (EA) and the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA).

The aim in this phase of reviews is to ensure that Singapore labour legislation remain relevant, with a focus on further protecting the well-being of vulnerable workers, particularly those in non-traditional work arrangements. MOM also recognise the need to balance employers’ business and operational needs. Thus, MOM will also look into providing employers some flexibility, where appropriate, in fulfilling their obligations. In essence, the reviews of the EA and EFMA cover:

(i) Protection for workers under non-traditional work arrangements such as term contract workers, outsourced workers and freelancers, while maintaining business flexibilities

(ii) Additional protection for vulnerable low-wage workers. For instance, whether written employment terms and electronic payment of workers’ salaries should be made mandatory, so as to avoid disputes with employers about such terms and to ensure timely salary payments.

(iii) Circumstances under which foreign workers could be allowed to change employers.

MOM welcome the active participation of key stakeholders and the general public in giving ideas and feedback on these proposed further changes to the EA and EFMA.

Please send your views to MOM through mail / email by 30 October 2013:

Workplace Policy and Strategy Division
18 Havelock Road #06-02
Singapore 059764
Fax: 65340559



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