Singapore Launches its First Integrated Work-Life Resource Portal

October 31, 201612:16 pm403 views
Singapore Launches its First Integrated Work-Life Resource Portal
Mr Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State for Manpower, and Chairman, Tripartite Committee on Work-life Strategy (Tricom) officially launches Singapore's first integrated work-life portal

Minister of State for Manpower Teo Ser Luck officially launched Singapore’s first integrated work-life resource portal called Work-Life Works! The portal is developed by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) in partnership with the Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy (TriCom).

It provides a comprehensive suite of resources to assist employers in implementing effective work-life strategies. Interactive features allow employers and employees to share their experiences and collaborate with their peers to overcome common challenges.

The portal also offers targeted and practical resources for employers at all stages of their work-life journey to emphasise on the benefits of using work-life strategies. Middle managers and supervisors are identified to be critical to the success of Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) in companies.

Also two new FWA training courses were rolled out during the launch to equip HR managers and supervisors with the key skills and knowledge to implement FWAs and manage employees on FWAs.

The course curriculum designed will help middle managers overcome challenges faced on a day-to-day basis in various sectors. The courses are approved under the Work Life grant, wherein companies can get reimbursement for funding of the course fees up to 80%.

A monthly newsletter with recent updates featuring relevant trends and developments in the employment landscape, interviews with experts and other stakeholders will be sent out.

Some of the interactive features embedded in this portal include: Forum, wherein employers can discuss issues in implementing work-life strategies and learn from other’s experiences. Through Share your story, employers can share their interesting work-life experiences with their peers and others published on the portal for public viewing.


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