Singapore Finance and Accounting Industry Outlook for 2017

December 6, 201610:49 am1560 views

A slowing economy has kept accounting and finance professionals in Singapore on their toes over the recent months. Organisations are under increasing pressure to streamline operations, and disruptive technologies are changing the way the industry functions – including employers’ expectations of these candidates.

Daniel Goh, Manager, Accounting and Finance, Randstad Singapore says that despite the gloomy forecast reported by the media, hiring remains strong and we continue to see a high demand pressure for quality accounting and finance talent.

The demand pressure for accounting roles is amongst the highest across the Singapore workforce. The top five accounting roles in demand are: Financial and Planning analyst, corporate finance manager, finance manager, accountant, and regional finance manager/controller.

Six out of 10 candidates are available for each vacancy of financial analysts. The role of a financial analyst seeks for different certifications, the most popular being certified Financial Analyst certification.

Some of the top financial analyst roles are: sales analyst, pricing analyst, regional finance and planning analysis manager, commercial analyst and Asset management analyst. Skills in demand for an accounting role are business partnering, reporting, budgeting and forecasting, business process improvement, financial accounting and treasury/taxation.

The Infographic below encapsulates some of the top accounting skills and jobs in demand for 2017.


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