ScienTec Consulting Triumphs over International Recruitment Firms at Asia Recruitment Awards 2016

April 25, 201612:25 pm802 views

Home-grown executive search, staffing, and outsourcing firm ScienTec Consulting received top honours at Asia Recruitment Awards 2016. It achieved hallmark wins across multiple categories against International Recruitment Firms; Best Recruitment Agency, Best Client Services, Best Candidate Experience and Asia Recruitment Grand Winner (for Recruitment Agency).

“We were thrilled with winning the initial three top awards and overjoyed with the announcement that we outshone all others to win the overall award for recruitment agencies – Asia Recruitment Grand Winner 2016.

“The competition was indeed intense as there was more than double the number of submissions from last year and we were up against established international MNCs, so meeting the demanding judging criteria was not an easy task. We truly were not expecting to win this many awards,” said Karen Tok, CEO of ScienTec Consulting.

“The world of work has evolved so much and the recruitment agency is no longer just a broker between employer and applicants where placements become a numbers game.  At ScienTec, we strive to create compelling moments in all of our engagements, whether it is distilling the hiring requirements, sharing insights on the industry segments/verticals or the overall labour market, shaping viable recruitment solutions to meet budget, timeline and skill sets, or helping candidates to understand their career aspirations and aligning to market needs.”

“To further value add, we also expanded our service portfolio to include advisory and outsourcing solutions such as RPO, social media recruitment campaigns, virtual HR support, etc.,” added Tok.

“We believe that our success is the result of our determination to constantly redefine best practices, to challenge the status-quo and encourage breakthrough thinking. There is no idea that is too small or too ridiculous in ScienTec, and our team members strive to raise the bar in all that we do, to create a compelling experience for both external clients and internal employees.”

“We invest heavily in people development, put in place quality assurance systems, and engineer an engaging and rewarding environment for our cross-generational workforce to ensure great team synergy,” Tok further elaborated.

“Having strong employer branding and a solid employee value proposition contributes greatly to the attraction and retention of staff.  These core values are Performance Excellence, Knowledge Insight, Entrepreneurial Drive and the service core of People First, Always, are integrated into every step of our operating processes and we are inspired to seek convergence and great alignment of professional goals and personal attainment at ScienTec. We shall continue to steer our highly engaged team into the next frontier.” Tok resolved.

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