Sales and Marketing Professionals with Digital Experience in Demand in China

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Sales and marketing professionals with abundant knowledge of e-commerce will see strong demand from employers in China as companies compete for capable talent to help increase their market share.

According to recruiting experts Hays, companies are investing more in online sales and marketing to enable them to reach a larger pool of consumers.

“Candidates who have a good command of digital marketing and social media are believed to be the right professionals to help increase brand awareness and enhance company performance,” says Simon Lance, Managing Director for Hays in China. “Companies are more generous to offer higher pay and perks to those professionals who can effectively implement digital strategies.”

In its latest Quarterly Report for July to September 2016, Hays found that both multinational and domestic consumer brands are revving up their go-digital drive amid buoyant growth of the world’s largest consumer market.

“Candidates with experience in planning and publishing trending and interesting content on social media platforms are well received by employers,” says Simon. “We expect to see huge demand for social media managers in the quarter ahead.

“Retail sales experience coupled with digital marketing expertise is the ideal combination of skills that companies are actively looking for in new hires,” says Simon. “Obviously, companies have realised the significance and necessity of digitising their business models to take market share.”

“E-commerce marketing managers are also in high demand as companies hope to build and expand their online digital teams. Retail experience is also a valuable attribute since skills in retail sales and retail operations can help companies win more customers and drive sales.”

In terms of candidate trends, an increasing number of candidates from the traditional fast-moving consumer goods industries are considering a shift to internet-based businesses amid the soaring growth of e-commerce in China.

“Candidates fully understand the current trends shaping the market,” says Simon. “They believe that online experience will be of huge benefit to their career progression in future with internet making such a huge impact on society.

Besides, some online businesses are offering higher salaries to attract more candidates to jump ship from the traditional consumer goods industries.

“Strong recruitment of sales and marketing managers with digital experience will continue throughout the year, buoyed by the rising popularity of e-tailing in China.”


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