Salary Too Low among Reasons why Malaysians Picky Over Jobs

June 8, 20189:44 am2864 views

Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran stated that low salary is among the most common reasons that make Malaysians tend to be picky about jobs. With current problem of a lack of local workers in several sectors of employment, it has resulted on a dependence of foreign workers. Mr Kulasegaran said that the issues on salaries for Malaysians must be addressed soon if the nation wants to keep stable economic growth.

“Local workers do not want to take up a job if the pay is very low. You cannot ask Malaysians to compare salaries with foreigners working here. You cannot compare an apple with an orange, it’s different,” he commented after visiting the Mekprasit Buddhist Temple in conjunction with the Wesak Day Celebration in Ipoh on Tuesday (May 29).

Earlier, Mr Kulasegaran said that in order to reduce the country’s dependency on migrant workers, the government planned to review foreign worker agreements with all source countries involved. He was saying regarding the Malaysia-Bangladesh agreement in 2016 involving 1.5 million workers.

Meanwhile, the minister also said the ministry would also review the role of the “middleman” who brought in foreign workers to the country as it also involved a high cost, Bernama reports.

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