Public feedback wanted on wage guidelines: NWC

April 10, 20145:50 pm289 views
Public feedback wanted on wage guidelines: NWC
Public feedback wanted on wage guidelines- NWC

SINGAPORE — The National Wages Council (NWC) will convene both this and next month to develop wage and wage-related guidelines for 2014/2015.

The council wants to hear the public’s views about what could be included in the annual wage recommendations, as well as other wage-related issues.

The NWC said public feedback will be considered as part of the council’s deliberations, and in its deliberations on wage guidelines, it considers factors such as Singapore’s economic performance, as well as the domestic and global economic outlook.

The council also takes into account Singapore’s economic competitiveness, labour market conditions, inflation, and productivity growth. The NWC is a tripartite body comprising employer, union and government representatives.

Feedback may be sent via email to the secretary of the NWC by April 25 at



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