Poll: People hope for better economy after referendum

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Poll: People hope for better economy after referendum
photo: bangkokpost.com

With the result of the charter referendum clear, people are now hoping for economic growth, improved employment prospects and an end to corruption, according to an overnight opinion survey by Bangkok University, or Bangkok Poll.

The pollsters questioned 1,576 people immediately after the unofficial result of the charter referendum was announced on Sunday night.  Those polled were asked to name their five wishes after the passage of the new constitution.

The highest number of respondents, 34.3%, said they wished to see Thailand with a better economy, trade prosperity, better employment and a better livelihood for the people; 14.6% wanted Thailand to be free of corruption, both political and government; 11.9% wished to see the country at peace without divisions or political rallies; 9.6% wanted the country to advance in fields such as education and international relations; and, 8.5% wanted a general election as soon as possible.

Asked to what extent they think the new charter will help make the country corruption-free, 47.9% said they had high expectations of it (39.3% “rather high” and 8.6% “the highest”) and 28.1% had low expectations of that happening (15.3% “little hope” and 12.8% the “least hope”).

news source: bangkokpost.com/news/politics/1056009/poll-people-hope-for-better-economy-after-referendum

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