Philippines Job Market is Upbeat with Salaries Expected to Increase upto 10% in 2016

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The job market in Philippines is upbeat with salaries across the top jobs in demand in the country have increased by 10% compared to last year. This significant rise is attributed to the good economy, lowest unemployment rates in years, and the resulting competitive play in the job market.

The above findings are according to the latest report released by on Philippine job trends designed to provide valuable insights for jobseekers, corporate hirers and career counsellors in career-related decision making.

Addressing a press conference, Philip Gioca, Philippines country manager said that the information technology (IT) field continued its 3-year trend of providing the highest paying jobs across all position levels.

As the online job authority has a role in bringing transparency to the process of job matching that would result in the mutual satisfaction of partner companies and jobseekers.

Gioca said that in its fifteen years of operation,’s report on job trends had allowed multiple benefits, namely:

  • Benchmarking of one’s own salary against the highest paid in their category
  • Awareness of jobs in demand; guiding not only jobseekers but also providing career guidance counselors, facts on job marketplace.
  • Expanding options for the jobseeker with regard to the best possible options for a job path decision.
  • Providing a reality check for salary expectations for both company members and jobseekers.

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“We are very passionate in fulfilling’s important role in creating an atmosphere of trust and meeting of objectives of parties that help make the job marketplace truly an engine for corporate and individual growth,” Gioca said.

The following are the highlights of the latest report:

  • The BPO industry continues to post the highest prospects for jobseekers in general.
  • The IT field led all other specializations in terms of salary offering, and covering all the major ranks namely, junior executives (P38,189), supervisors (P63,485) and managers (P86,550).
  • Salaries, especially for junior executives (employees with 1-4 years’ work experience) and supervisors (employees with 5-9 years’ work experience), increased from at least 2 to 12 percent).
  • The total number of job advertisements posted in 2015 increased by at least 20% compared to ads posted in 2014.
  • Other industries providing the most jobs are retail and manufacturing.

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