Pay hike for public school teachers pushed

July 11, 20149:26 am396 views
Pay hike for public school teachers pushed
Pay hike for public school teachers pushed

MANILA, Philippines – Public school teachers are about to get a salary raise once House Bill 4616 becomes a law.

Rep. Mark Villar of the Lone District of Las Piñas filed the measure titled ‘Public School Teachers Upgrading Act’ in an effort to provide teachers who currently receive an P18,549 monthly salary under Salary Grade 11 a raise to P24,887 under Salary Grade 15.

“Due to the low salary, many of our teachers migrate to work not as teachers but as domestic helpers, nannies or caregivers in other countries,” Villar said. In contrast, a Philippine Military Academy cadet receives a monthly salary of P21,709, he said.

He added that the current salary of public school teachers is not not enough to keep up with the present living wage in Metro Manila.

Villar said a regular family needs P957 a day for their sustenance, amounting to P21,054 per month.

“Teachers who are in dire conditions can never be expected to turn in good quality students and future leaders of the land,” Villar said.



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