Optus to shed 350 staff in major restructure

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Optus to shed 350 staff in major restructure
Optus to shed 350 staff in major restructure

Optus has confirmed that about 350 people will lose their jobs at the telco as part of a major restructure.

There were media reports yesterday that Optus was about to shed hundreds of staff, with about 200 redundancies expected.

However, the company says 350 staff will be laid off over the next few weeks.

Optus currently employs about 8,900 people, meaning that about 4 per cent of its workforce is being made redundant.

The company says it is centralising and consolidating some roles as part of a restructuring plan that has been underway for about 18 months.

Optus says the changes will affect its corporate, consumer and business customer divisions, but will not include frontline customer service divisions.

Instead, the redundancies are in finance and human resources, with the largest number of positions being lost in New South Wales and Victoria, but some jobs also going in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.


source: abc.net.au

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