Online Job Search Proves the Most Successful Method for Hong Kong’s Jobseekers

June 24, 201610:12 am854 views

Hong Kong professionals have most success finding a new job through online job websites, according to a survey by recruiting experts Hays.

The survey of 175 people revealed 53 per cent of Hong Kongers found online job websites to be the most successful method of finding a new job. Online job sites were followed by personal networking, including referrals or word of mouth at 37 per cent. Whilst social media sites such as LinkedIn were rated by 10 per cent of respondents as the most successful method.

Across Asia the findings were similar, but on comparing results across the five countries surveyed, online job websites were most successful in Malaysia, rated by 60 per cent of its survey respondents as the most successful method.

Personal networking as a job search method was seen to be most successful in Hong Kong by 37 per cent of its respondents and then in China by 36 per cent of its survey respondents.

When it comes to social media for job searching, it was found to be most successful in China with 21 per cent respondents rating it as most successful, closely followed by Japan’s respondents at 17 per cent.

“For employers, the results prove the importance of having a broad attraction strategy in place with an emphasis on online recruitment techniques,” says Dean Stallard, Regional Director of Hays in Hong Kong.

However, the results show there is still a significant place for referrals and word of mouth, which also plays a necessary role in attracting talent. The assumption that all jobseekers have moved online or to social media at the peril of traditional job search methods is not evidenced in the survey findings.

Having said this, as an Internet-savvy population, the use of technology in everyday lives in Hong Kong is pervasive. “So much of our lives are reliant on the Internet these days, from online shopping to online banking. It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise that online searching is the number one most successful method of finding a job.”

“Undoubtedly the prevalence of online recruitment sites and the rise of job search aggregators mean they are an essential part of recruiters’ and employers’ methods to attract candidates,” Dean explains.

Here are 5 top tips for job searching online:

  1. Never share personal confidential information online such as banking details, passwords or other sensitive data to apply for a job.
  2. Search and apply online with reputable, well-known organisations. Never submit your CV to a site that does not provide a privacy policy, contact details or a physical address.
  3. Never pay for a recruitment service as a jobseeker. It is an employer who pays the recruiter to find the right person for their role. Similarly don’t pay for background checks or any other check on your qualifications. It shouldn’t cost you anything to apply for a job.
  4. 4. Audit and clean up your social media profiles. Ensure your online presence appears in the best light to prospective employers who might come across you or search for you as part of a job application process. Also focus effort on maximising your professional profile on sites such as LinkedIn which you should be using to job search and network online.
  5. Go mobile with your CV. Store a mobile-friendly PDF of your CV on your mobile phone to quickly and easily apply to jobs on-the-go that you might come across via job email alerts or recruitment apps.

For jobseekers, to have the best possible chance in finding employment, you need to exploit the full suite of online options and take a multi-pronged approach.

Promote your profile and perform your job search on multiple platforms, including recruitment agency databases, job boards and professional social networks. The more visible you are across relevant online platforms, the higher the chance of you securing your dream job.

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