NTUC LearningHub Partners with Qlik to Offer Visual Analytics Courses

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NTUC LearningHub Partners with Qlik to Offer Visual Analytics Courses
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Qlik® a leader in visual analytics announced its partnership with NTUC LearningHub, a leading training provider in Singapore, to offer courses on how to use Qlik to develop dashboards to get better insights from data. Interested participants can now sign up for classes to learn on how to gain data-driven insights via Qlik visual analytics software.

“Being able to analyze data is a skillset that is gaining importance in Singapore and around the world. With the explosion of internet technology, there is a lot of data out there. If we are not able to crunch the data and present our findings in a useful format, we will be overwhelmed by data saturation.”

“All companies should therefore invest resources to equip their staff with such a skillset such that they can in turn crunch and present data in a format that is useful for supporting better and faster business decisions. Our partnership with Qlik is aimed at creating this future skill in our workforce,” said Kwek Kok Kwong, CEO, NTUC LearningHub.

More and more organizations across different industries such as banking, retail, logistics and telecommunications are using visual analytics to see the whole story in their data in order to provide better customer service, increase productivity, as well as sales opportunities.

For example, BH Global Corporation Limited has been using Qlik’s visual analytics platform to study their customers’ purchasing habits to better plan and complete the company’s service and procurement processes, resulting in improved demand forecasting and faster response times.

“We are pleased to be working with NTUC LearningHub, which is recognized for providing quality hands-on education to those who require the necessary skillset in their job roles. This collaboration enables Qlik to empower employees with data analytics knowledge and skills. This in turn helps organizations connect their people and data, to drive insights at the point of decision,” said Terry Smagh, Managing Director and Vice President for Qlik Asia.

The programs by NTUC LearningHub are available immediately and delivered by a pool of trainers trained and accredited by Qlik.

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