NTUC launches appreciation movement for workers

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NTUC launches appreciation movement for workers
NTUC launches appreciation movement for workers

SINGAPORE — The Labour Movement today (June 16) launched its nationwide Appreciating U movement to promote appreciation of the country’s working people.

“Nurturing a culture of kindness towards them contributes to more meaningful lives for them and their families,” said Mr Zainal Sapari, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General in a speech delivered at the event.

This year’s Appreciating U movement will see the Labour Movement thanking working people from all walks of life in various ways, starting with cleaners. The sub-movement was marked by an appreciation lunch organised by NTUC U Care Centre and the Housing and Development Board Staff Union (HDBSU) today for some 115 cleaners working in the Toa Payoh area.

More than 200 workplaces have pledged to show appreciation to their cleaners so far, with more than 10,000 workers who will be appreciated. “This is a huge increase from last year’s figures and we hope that even more will step up to show appreciation to our cleaners”, said Mr Sapari.

Last year, about 150 organisations pledged their support, with slightly more than 7,000 cleaners appreciated.

The event also saw Mr Lim Swee Say, NTUC Secretary-General, deliver certificates to 30 cleaners, citing them as “role models” for “their outstanding work performance”.

The movement, which includes a Facebook contest for members of the public to upload photo submissions acknowledging their cleaners, hopes to involve other segments of the workforce, including security officers and nurses, in time to come.

One of the cleaners invited for the event, Mr K Gopal, 65, is optimistic about the movement. “It’s not an easy job, but sometimes residents offer me drinks or snacks and that really makes my day,” he said, “I hope (the movement) helps to put a smile on more cleaners’ faces.”


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