New programme to train professionals for logistics industry

June 30, 201610:09 am363 views

SINGAPORE: A new programme to help more professionals join the logistics industry was launched on Wednesday (Jun 29).

Called the Logistics Professional Conversion Programme (PCP), it will offer 150 vacancies for professionals, managers, executives and technicians in two job roles – logistics officer and logistics executive. The programme will commence in July, and is expected to last two years.

The Supply Chain and Logistics Academy (SCALA) has been appointed as programme manager, and will work with the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to develop the programme.

Speaking at the launch of the programme, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say said the logistics industry contributed to almost 7 per cent of Singapore’s GDP, and provided employment for more than 200,000 people.

He added that several emerging roles in the industry have been identified, ranging from innovation and process improvement, to vertical specialists, logistics solutions and programme management.

“With technology and better integration across systems, enterprises and service providers, orders are expected to be fulfilled in even shorter time frames, with fewer mistakes,” Mr Lim said. “To do well, logistics companies need to leverage technology and people to deliver everything cheaper, better and faster, every time and for everyone.”

With emerging technology in the logistics industry, the programme aims to help PMETs acquire the necessary skillsets to take up these new job roles. It is targeted at PMETs who have just joined the industry, and have at least a year of working experience.

They must also be nominated by a company that has come on board the programme. A total of 10 companies are already part of the programme, including DHL Express, YCH Group and Yang Kee Logistics.

During the year long programme, participants will go through 18 days of classroom sessions, on-job-training and a 12-day mentorship programme.

This is the first time a mentoring and coaching feature has been included in a PCP, which will see industry practitioners guide PMETs as they undergo conversion to adapt to their new roles.

Participants will then be awarded an Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Operations Management from SCALA, as well as the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications Statement of Attainment issued by the WDA.

To help companies with the cost of hiring PMETs, the programme will also provide salary support at 70 per cent of the participants’ salary for the one year training period, capped at S$2,000 per month.

There is also an enhanced salary support of 90 per cent for participants who are Singapore Citizens and are long-term unemployed, or those aged 40 and above. This salary support is capped at S$4,000 a month.

Course fee support of up to 70 per cent is also provided under the programme, and SMEs can tap on the Enhanced Training Support to enjoy higher course fee support of up to 90 per cent capped at S$50 per hour.

SCALA also offers other programmes targeted at different segments of the industry, such as the Logistics Assimilation Programme and WSQ certifications.

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