New On-Demand Research Platform from Mercer Provides Forward Looking Insights for HR Leaders Worldwide

November 8, 20165:53 pm540 views

Mercer, a global consulting leader in advancing health, wealth and careers, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, has launched Mercer Select IntelligenceSM, a mobile-first information services solution that provides global research, analysis, news and trends customized to support the needs of executives as they position their companies for growth in a fast-moving, constantly changing business environment.

A comprehensive, on-demand tool, Mercer Select Intelligence highlights thought leadership, legislative developments, cyber security, technology and regional marketplace developments on a global basis.

It empowers HR leaders with cutting-edge knowledge to make informed decisions by providing them with a unique combination of original content – drawing on the wealth of Mercer’s experience – and curated insights from industry leaders.

“HR leaders worldwide continue to be challenged by today’s fast-paced environment — changing business, technology, competitive and operational needs — and the impact it has on their organizations’ bottom line,” said Katherine Jones, Partner in Mercer’s Talent business.

“To be successful, they need to stay ahead of the curve on key issues and trends to make the right decisions for their organization. With Mercer Select Intelligence, HR leaders will have the right information delivered when and where they need it with high quality thinking, research and actionable insights in the HR space.”

Puneet Swani, Rewards Consulting Leader, Mercer AMEA added, “HR leaders in Asia and elsewhere constantly face an ‘information overload’. What they need is relevant news and insights at their fingertips, information they can leverage to make people decisions with confidence. Mercer Select Intelligence empowers HR leaders to do just that. It saves them time so that they can focus on business critical issues instead.”

Mercer Select Intelligence is a one-stop shop. Rather than hunting for information from multiple sources, executives can use Mercer Select Intelligence for actionable, timely and relevant insights and commentary covering current HR practices and business issues including talent, rewards, retirement, health and well-being benefits, all in one location.

Content is delivered through the online portal and includes video and webcast replays. Navigation is easy and information is organized strategically so that HR leaders can use their time most efficiently.

According to Bill Kutik, host of Firing Line with Bill Kutik® and tech columnist for Human Resource Executive® for 27 years, “Just ‘keeping up’ is one of the hardest jobs a CHRO has. Multiply that by how many countries the company does business with. Tools like Mercer Select Intelligence are making that job almost possible, and I can only imagine how grateful they will be.”

Added Brian Sommer, Founder and CEO of TechVentive, “Time is what HR leaders need but don’t have. To be effective and to become more strategic, they need to find tools that deliver to them the best thinking, best research and actionable insights in the HR space. They need this NOW.”

Mercer Select Intelligence is a membership-based professional resource offered to organizations for an annual fee. Membership can be shared with teams across functions, allowing greater access to current news, analysis, trends and actionable research.


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