New harassment laws in S’pore could be enacted soon

February 26, 20145:53 pm310 views
New harassment laws in S’pore could be enacted soon
New harassment laws in S'pore could be enacted soon

SINGAPORE: New laws could soon be enacted in Singapore to better protect the public from harassment.

Law Minister K Shanmugam will introduce the Protection from Harassment Bill on March 3 in Parliament.

The proposed new law will cover a range of behaviours, such as sexual harassment within and outside the workplace, cyber-bullying and bullying of children. Stalking will also be an offence.

The proposed law will apply to acts committed outside Singapore. For example, it covers Singapore-based victims of overseas stalkers.

The existing law protecting public servants may also be extended to those who deliver essential services to the public, including healthcare and public transport staff.

Existing penalties will be enhanced and the court will be empowered to issue community orders, such as ordering the offender to seek mandatory treatment at the Institute of Mental Health.



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