New App Addresses Campus Sexual Misconduct with Gamification

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Addressing the problem of approaching the problem of campus sexual misconduct from a fresh, potent and technologically savvy perspective – U of Nine plans to engage students on these important topics via their mobile devices.

ATIXA, the Association of Title IX Administrators in collaboration with leading education quiz-based training app company, Trivie has announced a new app-based solution – U of Nine.

U of Nine helps colleges and universities to educate students and employees about sexual violence, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, alcohol abuse, and stalking.

Assembling a team of two dozen subject matter experts from across higher education to review and develop the gamified, quiz-based content for U of Nine. Each quiz was subjected to intense focus-group analysis, along with feedback from students on pilot-site campuses around the country. Pilot sites ranged from community colleges to four-year residential universities and online institutions.

U of Nine is designed specifically to meet the training and education requirements the law mandates. Legal protections are in place, but we need more. A user-friendly social game is a perfect platform to educate, train and empower.

The objective of U of Nine is not to replace prevention programs, great lectures, presentations or speakers that are already in place on many college campuses, but to reinforce the content of those programs and to help students and employees better engage with that content effectively.

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ATIXA Executive Director Brett A. Sokolow, Esq stated, “There are a lot of solid online products helping colleges to prevent sexual violence, so we designed U of Nine to fill a gap that other products do not. Every year, colleges are required to provide ongoing awareness and education campaigns, and our app-based approach takes those campaigns to students and employees, wherever they are, on demand. There is no magic prevention pill, but we’re adding our expertise to the concerted effort to make campuses safer for students and employees.”

U of Nine, powered by ATIXA (PRNewsFoto/Association of Title IX Adminis)

U of Nine, powered by ATIXA (PRNewsFoto/Association of Title IX Adminis)

U of Nine is especially beneficial for campuses looking for a cost-effective way to offer awareness and education content for hard-to-reach audiences such as:

  • Dual enrolled students
  • Non-residential students
  • Community college students
  • Students enrolled in online courses
  • Students enrolled in study abroad sites
  • Non-degree seeking and part-time students
  • Transfer students
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Employees at remote and extension sites
  • Employees at multiple campus locations or study abroad sites
  • Students at extension sites or multiple campus locations
  • Upper class students who don’t attend lectures, speakers or plays

Each U of Nine quiz is no more than five questions long, and the hints and explanations that come within each question help students better understand and consequently remember the content. These easy to play quizzes can be sent to students at any time via push notifications to reinforce Title IX content during the school year for continual learning and compliance.

Lawrence Schwartz, CEO of Trivie, comments, “In an environment of short attention spans and rapid technological change, the micro learning method is an effective way for colleges and universities to train their students and faculty on important information in real time.”

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