’s New Features Help Employers Hire Better Candidates

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Government job search portal launched the employers section of its website on Sunday, 8 September 2019.

Previously, companies had to post job openings through Workforce Singapore’s (WSG) Jobs Bank, and jobseekers would see these listings appear on

Along with bringing employers directly onto the platform, also updated some of its features to make it easier for them to assess potential hires, Vulcan Post reports.

A new preview feature will display applicants’ key skills and work experience at a glance, so employers can get an overview before choosing which resumes to download.

This saves the time taken to download all resumes received and shortens the process of screening through each of them to identify applicants with relevant skills and experience, before going over another round to shortlist them.

Employers can also use a recommendation feature to discover suggested talents who may be suitable for the job description, even if they haven’t applied for your particular opening.

Jobseekers can choose to allow this if they indicate that they’re open to other career opportunities that match their skills.

Another feature lets employers sort and filter their applicants to view them based on those whose skills and experience are the closest match to the job posting first.

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Singapore Employers Want More Relevant Matches was jointly developed and launched by WSG and the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) in April 2018, using machine learning technology to provide better matches for jobseekers and employers.

It is able to prioritise search results according to the relevance of a jobseeker’s skills, and filter results to highlight jobs that are eligible for government support schemes.

According to WSG, the portal has received registrations from more than 540,000 unique users since launch to July 2019.

They intend to continue creating and rolling out more improvements to the portal.

WSG says it consulted feedback from over 200 Singapore companies between January and May while they were developing the employers section for

One request that stood out from employers was to make matches on the portal better and more relevant to their job postings.

Said WSG CEO Tan Choon Shian: “In this digital age where new technology and emerging skills are changing the hiring landscape, it is critical for us to keep pace with the changes to better match jobseekers to employers.”

He added that WSG will continue to conduct regular sessions to understand what jobseekers and employers need, to make the portal more intuitive for them in the future.

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