More than 4000 jobs on offer at NTU Career Fair

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More than 4000 jobs on offer at NTU Career Fair
More than 4000 jobs on offer at NTU Career Fair

The annual career fair, which began on Tuesday and will be held over three days for the first time, will see a total of 57 organisations taking part for the first time such as DBS, Unilever Asia, Sanyo Denki and Starhub. NTU expects 9000 of its students to visit the fair each day.

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Here is the press release from NTU in full:

The job outlook looks bright for this year’s graduating students at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). A record number of 223 Singapore and multinational organisations are on the hunt for NTU students at the university’s annual Career Fair this year.

This makes the NTU Career Fair one of the largest job fairs at a Singapore university campus, with public and private sector employers seeking to fill more than 4,100 job positions, more than what was on offer at the Fair in recent years. For the first time this year, the Fair is being held over three days, instead of two – on 18, 21 and 25 February 2014 – to cater to the increase in the number of employers wanting to take part.

Fifty seven employers will be taking part for the first time. They include leading companies such as DBS, Foster Wheeler Asia Pacific, Sanyo Denki, Starhub and Unilever Asia.

The Fair also features three pavilions that will bring companies within the same industry cluster together. These include a Japan pavilion offering job openings at Japanese companies based in Singapore and Japan, as well as a ‘Powering Lives’ pavilion featuring energy companies coordinated by the Energy Market Authority, and a Maritime pavilion by the Singapore Maritime Foundation.

About 9,000 students are expected to visit the Fair each day, including some 8,000 final-year students who will graduate this July.

Speaking at the launch of the Career Fair this morning, Associate Professor Kwok Kian Woon, NTU’s Associate Provost for Student Life, said, “The NTU Career Fair not only showcases the immense diversity of the job market, but also of our students. It enables employers to see first-hand what students from the 13 schools here have to offer, and for our graduating students to explore the exciting job opportunities that await them in Singapore and abroad.”

More students undergoing internships and converting internships to full-time jobs

Increasingly more NTU students are successfully converting their internships to full-time employment. Such internships “conversions” are expected to rise this year as companies continue to turn to internships as an on-the-job testing ground to identify and recruit entry-level staff.

Currently, almost 5,000 NTU students are placed on credit-bearing internships each year, compared to 4,000 five years ago. Overall, eight in ten NTU students would graduate with at least one internship experience at various organisations in Singapore and around the world, such as the Big Four accounting firms, JP Morgan and Seagate.

Based on students’ feedback last year, almost 860 students from the Class of 2013 received job offers from their internship organisations. Some NTU degree courses, such as Accountancy and Business, reported as high as 50 per cent of their final-year students being offered full-time jobs by their internship employers.

One such student from this year’s graduating cohort is Mr Johnnie Ang. The 25 year-old who is pursuing Maritime Studies, was offered a full-time position by Oldendorff Carriers, one of Germany’s largest shipping companies, after impressing his managers during his ten-week internship last year.

Recalling his experience, Johnnie said, “My course prepared me well for my internship and allowed me to learn a lot more on the job. I never expected to be exposed to so many new things during the ten weeks. I was given a mentor at each of the five departments where I was attached, and got to visit a vessel and Jurong Port, which was a real eye-opener into the technical and operations aspects.”

Internships are also giving students an edge as they compete for the best jobs. It was due to his internship experience at technical consulting firm Meinhardt’s mechanical and electrical (M&E) department that enabled Mr Tomoteru Woo, 25, to clinch a prized job at Goldman Sachs as a Critical Systems Analyst nine months before he graduates.

Mr Woo said, “The job ad stated that they were looking for someone with M&E experience, so that gave me a competitive edge. My M&E experience was also the most discussed topic during the two rounds of interviews. I was really lucky to be offered the first job that I applied for.”

Mr Atif Saleem, 21, who is graduating with a double degree in Business (IT) and Engineering (Computer Science) is joining Citi as a Technology Management Associate, after spending a 3-month internship stint at IBM’s Dubai office where he was part of a multinational team for a technology project.

New iPremier branding for employers

To better support the University’s industry partners who offer structured internships that convert to full-time hires, NTU is introducing a new branding scheme for these employers, called “Internship Premier” or iPremier employers. More than 80 industry partners have been invited to brand themselves with the “iPremier” employer logo, which enhances their corporate identity at NTU’s Talent Site – the University’s online career portal. Among the employers that have adopted the iPremier branding for their recruitment are Bank of America Merrill Lynch, KPMG Services and Micron Semiconductor Asia.

Mr Loh Pui Wah, Director of NTU’s Career & Attachment Office said, “It is clear that students gain a great deal from working as interns. In today’s competitive job market, internships have rapidly become a prerequisite for many full-time positions. The payoff for students is invaluable – real-world experience, evidence of their future job-worthiness, and networking contacts. What we are seeing now is also an increased demand from students for internship positions and a pool of high-value, cost effective talent for employers to recruit.”

“The new iPremier branding gives this select group of employers a leg-up in their search for the most talented NTU students. The companies would have incorporated a number of key features into their internship programmes, such as an orientation programme to familiarise students to the company’s corporate structure, culture and values, jointly setting learning goals and internship objectives together with the students, as well as networking opportunities and project presentations to top management.”

The new branding platform comes on the heels of NTU’s recent establishment of the $30 million Margaret Lien Professional Centre for Success. Spread over four years, students must complete about 30 hours of coaching on career skills and values as part of a compulsory career preparation programme. Freshmen from NTU’s College of Engineering in 2014 will be among the first to undergo the training.



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