More Options for Businesses in Singapore to Leverage the Power of Coworking

October 21, 20164:39 pm602 views

Professionals and businesses can now participate in Singapore’s most vibrant co-working space for as little as $50 a month with The Working Capitol’s (TWC) recently launched membership plans. These new packages are designed to help companies, organisations and entrepreneurs have easier, more simplified access to TWC’s innovative, dynamic community.

The new $50 per month Workconnect plan allows people to connect with other TWC members through its online community and the many members-only community and networking events held at The Working Capitol. Members can also get access to a business address for a nominal fee and work out of TWC for a day each month, with additional days at $38.

“One of The Working Capitol’s main aims is to help its member businesses scale and grow. The Workconnect membership supports this by providing a launchpad for connection, networking, and access to exclusive member services and insight,” said Jori Messer, Chief Operating Officer, The Working Capitol.

“Workconnect is the perfect membership for people who want to grow their contacts, host overseas colleagues or hold occasional meeting and events.”

Membership tiers and plans for 24/7 coworking spaces, standalone desks, and private offices have also been updated. Those who need a coworking space to work, can leverage new part-time or unlimited Workspot memberships from $255 and $425 a month respectively, while those who want to marry the power of co-working with permanent desks can do so with Workdesk from $729 per month.

Workspace memberships, which provide teams of employees with private office space inside The Working Capitol, start at $800 per month, per member. All members have access to the indoor and outdoor common areas, cafe and beer garden spread out across three floors in the 33,000 square feet space.

Workconnect and part-time Workspot plans work particularly well for businesses and professionals who already have their own space but want an opportunity to occasionally engage with startups, SMEs, and multinationals to find collaborative and partnership activities, or just dive into a buzzy workspace to recharge and get inspired.

“People and their needs are at the heart of everything we do at The Working Capitol and this is reflected in the ways we have structured our packages and plans,” said Saranta Gattie, Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer.

“Through these new membership plans and the way we design the diversity of working environments and member events, we aim to help companies be more productive, attract top talent, and grow their company cultures by associating with TWC.”


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