More manpower needed as foreign worker dormitories increase weekend activities

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More manpower needed as foreign worker dormitories increase weekend activities
Address social needs of migrant workers, says advocate group

SINGAPORE: It has been two months since the Little India riot and dormitory operators and recreation centres have increased the number of activities for foreign workers during the weekends.

This has created a need for more manpower.

Over the Lunar New Year long weekend, the Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL) organised large-scale festivals at two of their dormitories and one recreation centre. Four other dormitories screened movies.

It said relatively more manpower is needed to organise a festival compared to movie screenings.

Westlite Dormitory is also intending to ramp up events for workers in 2014.

It expects to spend some S$200,000 on these, a 20 per cent increase from last year.

It is intending to engage a main events manager to take charge of future events, in addition to designating an event officer at each of its three dormitories.

Robert Lau, dormitory manager at Westlite Dormitory, said: “By employing an event manager at a HQ level, he is able to better manage and plan all the dormitory events. At the same time, when it comes to large-scale events, he is able to help the dormitory level to negotiate better deals. This will help us save some costs along the way.”

The funds used for these activities are from rent paid by workers, and from shop operators at the dormitories.

Although the number of activities has increased, Westlite said workers will not have to pay higher rent.



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