More Jobs are Coming to Malaysia in Q2 2021

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More Jobs are Coming to Malaysia in Q2 2021
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The number of job opportunities is rising in Q2 2021, recruitment specialist Michael Page Malaysia reported. Compared to the Q1, there is an overall 22% increase. According to job opportunity data shared by Michael Page, this was also observed with growth in opportunities within sectors such as Financial Services & Fintech (up 43%) and Healthcare & Life Sciences (up 26%).

Nic Chambers, Country Head of Michael Page Malaysia observes, “Multinationals with an existing footprint in Malaysia are expanding their operations, either with new functions or skill sets further up the job value chain. There has also been new market entrants and direct foreign investment coming into Malaysia and setting up global business services centers. This is driving the activity in hiring trends.”

Financial services and Fintech companies have expanded their digital capabilities. “The increased adoption of digital and mobile banking is mainly in e-wallets and digital payment gateways. With the rapid pace of online consumerism, banks are playing catch up in this space,” comments Nic Chambers.  

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This has in turn increased compliance and governance job opportunities as companies quickly align with the new regulations from Bank Negara Malaysia.

Similarly, job opportunities in technology have seen double-digit growth as Malaysia stays committed to the Industry 4.0 agenda. The earmarked areas are cybersecurity, data analytics, Big Data and cloud technology. With increased activity within mobile, app and web development, the demand for UI/UX expertise has spiked together with experience in the front end, back end and full-stack development.

Hiring in Healthcare & Life Sciences also rose (up 26%) in Q2 2021 and as reported in the Michael Page Malaysia Talent Trends 2021, the in-demand roles are radiographers, laboratory technologists, clinical research, specialist doctors and R&D scientists. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic saw a record increase in hiring within healthcare companies, and an increased number of new businesses specialising in pharmaceutical and medical devices have entered Malaysia market to meet demands within the region. We can expect biotech companies and health sciences organisations to consolidate and push boundaries for innovation,” comments Nic Chambers.

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