More Employees Can Return to the Workplace from April 5

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More Employees Can Return to the Workplace from April 5
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Vaccination is underway and Singapore is set to ease its COVID-19 measures that have been applied for months. At a press conference on Wednesday (Mar 24), co-chair of the COVID-19 multi-ministry task force Lawrence Wong announced that the country will shift from working-from-home as a default mode to a more flexible and hybrid way of working.

As a result, more employees can return to the workplace from April 5 and split team arrangements will no longer be mandatory. Up to 75 percent of the employees who are presently working from home can now be at the workplace at any one time, up from the current 50 percent. Additionally, the current cap on the period an employee can spend at the office will also be lifted.

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“We will no longer mandate the requirement for splitting teams, but we will strongly encourage employers to still stagger the start times and implement flexible working hours, and of course, employers must continue to implement all prevailing safe management measures,” said Mr Wong, who is also Education Minister.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health (MOH) also said in a press release that these measures will help to lower COVID-19 transmission risks by reducing interactions and crowding at common spaces. While split team arrangements are no longer mandatory, companies may continue to adopt such arrangements for business continuity purposes if they choose to do so, Channel News Asia reports.

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