More bosses hiring the handicapped

April 28, 201410:26 am263 views
More bosses hiring the handicapped
More bosses hiring the handicapped

MORE employers are hiring handicapped workers and making them a permanent addition on their payrolls – thanks in part to the Enabling Employers (EE) Awards, which give recognition to these bosses with a heart.

It is not all about morality. Employing these disadvantaged workers also makes economic sense, especially when workers are hard to come by these days.

The hiring has stepped up since 2011 when the EE Awards kicked off. While the labour crunch has forced employers to look at other sources for workers, the publicity over the awards must have also given disabled workers a plug.

The EE Awards have helped to get more jobs for the handicapped. The increase in the number of employers hiring them is now also reflected in the awards.



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