More Malaysian Jobseekers Expected to Cross Over to Singapore

April 18, 20225:56 pm7313 views
More Malaysian Jobseekers Expected to Cross Over to Singapore
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More jobseekers in Malaysia, especially from Johor, are expected to search for jobs in Singapore as the borders between the two countries are reopened.

Johor Indian Business Association president P.Sivakumar said there would be a significant increase in the entry of Malaysian workers into Singapore’s labour force. “Experienced Malaysian workers are in demand in the republic, especially in high-tech industries that offer better career opportunities,” he added.

As reported by The Star, Sivakumar commented that this shift was the reality that employers in Johor must face. With financial gain being the main attraction, he advised employers in Johor to offer better salaries and perks. “Employers in Malaysia need to offer more upskilling and reskilling opportunities to existing employees, especially on new technologies, digitalisation and 5G.”

Meanwhile, Johor South SME Association advisor Teh Kee Sin said the reopening of borders was good news for Malaysian jobseekers. “Singapore needs foreign workers, including Malaysians as the majority of Singaporeans do not want to do dangerous, difficult and dirty jobs.”

He said Malaysians working in Singapore would no longer have to stay in the republic as they could now commute daily from Johor to Singapore. “These employees will help boost the local economy. Money earned in Singapore and spent in Johor contributes to the growth of businesses here,” added Teh.

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