Malaysia has more female managers than Singapore, says survey

February 24, 201610:40 am434 views

Malaysia has more women in managerial positions compared with Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Japan, says a survey by world recruitment firm Hays.

The 2016 Hays Asia Salary Guide survey of 3,000 employers from across five countries found that 37 per cent of management roles in Malaysia were occupied by women.

In China, the figure was about 32 per cent of management roles followed by Hong Kong at 28 per cent and Singapore at 27 per cent. Women in Japan hold only 19 per cent of management roles.

Malaysia’s workforce however, is less culturally diverse than that of Hong Kong and Singapore. Only 15 per cent of positions in Malaysian companies were filled with foreigners as compared with 28 per cent in Singapore and 18 per cent in Hong Kong.

About 9 per cent of jobs in Japan and 8 per cent of positions in China were held by foreigners, the guide said.

It added that 53 per cent of Malaysian workers started job hunting for better salary and benefits packages.

“When asked what keeps them in a job, 42 per cent of candidates nominated salary and benefits as well, while 34 per cent nominated work-life balance and 34 per cent career progression.”

It said across all countries, 84 per cent of employers provide some form of staff benefits and bonuses, the most common being health and medical coverage at 78 per cent.

Despite expectations of an economic slump this year, 60 per cent of employers in the whole survey expect business activity to pick up, while 43 per cent expect to hire more permanent staff.

But, 46 per cent of firms report that they will maintain current staff levels, while 19 per cent said they plan on increasing the hiring of temporary personnel.

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