Look after transport workers’ welfare amid bus industry changes: Union

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Look after transport workers’ welfare amid bus industry changes: Union
Look after transport workers' welfare amid bus industry changes: Union

SINGAPORE: Protect transport employees even as the new government-contracting model is introduced for public bus services, urged the National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU).

In a statement, it said it understands that the initiative is aimed at overcoming public transport challenges.

But it urged the government to make sure that transport workers are kept in mind, even as the effort to develop a quality and efficient public transport system continues.

The union wants to ensure that workers’ job security, employment terms and welfare are not compromised.

It also wants to work closely with incoming and outgoing operators to achieve a smooth transition for workers. This would ensure that their morale and service levels are not be affected.

Mr Ong Chin Ang, Executive Secretary of the NTWU, said: “The Land Transport Authority and public transport operators must place workers’ jobs, welfare and concerns at the centre of the planning and implementation of this new competitive bus model. The union looks forward to an improved public transport system which brings about better jobs and better wages for our public transport workers.”

The NTWU said it would work closely with relevant parties to look into concerns and queries of affected workers.


source: channelnewsasia.com

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