Logistics Firm Fined S$18,000 for False Declaration on Fair Hiring

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Logistics Firm Fined S$18,000 for False Declaration on Fair Hiring
Logistics Firm Fined S$18,000 for False Declaration on Fair Hiring

A logistics and warehousing service provider became the first company here to be prosecuted for falsely declaring that it had considered Singapore candidates during its hiring process when it had already recruited a foreigner for the job.

Ti2 Logistics, which is located in Jurong East, was fined S$18,000 after its sole director Francis Chiang Tin Yui pleaded guilty to one charge under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, Today Online reports.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said on Tuesday (March 10) that the company made a false declaration on a work pass application under the enhanced Fair Consideration Framework (FCF). The framework was introduced in 2014 to specifically weed out discrimination against Singapore residents.

It requires employers to advertise on national jobs bank MyCareersFuture.sg before submitting employment pass applications. They have to provide accurate job descriptions so that suitable applicants may apply and be hired on merit.

On June 26 last year, Ti2 Logistics submitted an employment pass application for a foreign candidate that it had hired as a general manager. In the application, the firm mentioned that it had interviewed one foreigner for the position stated. MOM rejected the application on the grounds that the company had failed to comply with the FCF requirement.

In trying to bypass the regulation, Ti2 Logistics then decided to post a job advertisement on MyCareersFuture.sg for the position of “business development manager” on July 10. Court documents showed that 22 Singaporean candidates had applied for the position but they were never considered for the role.

The firm then re-submitted the work pass application for the pre-hired foreign candidate on July 26. In the application, Ti2 Logistics falsely declared that it had interviewed two Singaporeans and one foreigner for the position, and considered candidates here fairly.

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Employers who fail to make accurate, complete and truthful declarations to the Controller of Work Passes in their employment pass applications can be jailed up to two years, fined up to S$20,000, or both.

In pushing for the maximum sentence, MOM prosecuting officer Vala M said that this is a very serious offence because it affects the Singapore workforce.

“There are rules in place to prohibit such acts as the country wants to develop a strong Singaporean core in the workforce,” Ms Vala said.

Ms Christine Loh, director of employment standards enforcement at MOM’s labour relations and workplaces division, said in a statement to the media: “Ti2 Logistics’ conviction is a strong reminder to employers that MOM does not tolerate any form of workplace discrimination.

“It is unacceptable for employers to treat the job advertising requirement under the FCF as a paper exercise.

We will continue to be vigilant on discriminatory employers, and take stern action against those who try to circumvent our fair hiring requirements.”

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